Powerduct busduct offers a power distribution solution that is flexible and versatile, and can be easily tailored to specifications. In cases where extra load or power has to be extended from an existing power distribution system, our busduct system provides the ideal solution.

Our products are built to last and produced under a fully automated production line to ensure consistency and high quality. By producing at optimal capacity, we are able to provide our clients with the very best value. Regardless of the scale of the project or specifications, our clients can expect nothing less than our utmost dedication and a truly functional, economical power distribution solution.


Together with two other companies Fastenal Malaysia Sdn Bhd and One Subsea Sdn Bhd, we created a community service program in Gelang Patah area.

The community service program is called “Mobile Library”. Kicking off in May 2014.

The program’s objective is to teach rural area children to learn English and to create awareness of the importance of learning English language in order to thrive in our internationalized society. Volunteers from all three companies will participate in these activities every month from now on.