Busduct, also known as busway or busbar trunking system, is an electrical power supply distribution system that seamlessly distributes power from one end of the building to another. A key advantage of busduct is its flexibility and adaptability to a wide range of requirements, which allows our customers to benefit from designs that are tailored to their requirements.

Powerduct® is manufactured in the form of bus bar conductors enclosed with housing (extruded aluminum with housing fin). PPB’s busducts are round conductors enclosed with Epoxy and Mylar class B forms of insulation. Other classes of insulation category are also available.

Our busduct systems fulfil four different applications: single loads, multiple loads, riser, and service entrance. Each application is designed according to site specific requirements, and must all fulfill our objectives of providing our customers with a low-cost, flexible system that is easy to maintain but does not compromise on key safety features.


  • High flexibility and versatility
  • Superior electrical design: low impedance, higher short-circuit system and lower electromagnetic generation
  • Light weight for quicker and easier installation, saving time and labour costs
  • Improved safety
  • Low-cost maintenance
  • Reliable and dependable

Technical specifications
Powerduct Series

Standards compliance
IEC/EN 61439-6, BS EN 60529, IEEE, JIS 8364, NEMA and UL

Voltage rating
≤1000V, 50/60Hz

Current rating

Busbar plating
Tin/silver plating (optional)

Epoxy Resin and Mylar
Neutral busbar size: 100/200% (optional)
Internal earth busbar: 100%
Internal earth busbar (optional): 50%
Maximum temperature rise: 55ºC

Extruded aluminum with cooling fin

Ingress Protection Rating (IP code)
IP 40 for indoor Installation
IP 67 for outdoor Installation

For more information on Powerduct®, please look through our (pdf, 4.6mb).