POWERDUCT Lighting Series

Busduct, also known as busway or busbar trunking system, is an electrical power supply distribution system that seamlessly distributes power from one end of the building to another. A key advantage of busduct is its flexibility and adaptability to a wide range of requirements, which allows our customers to benefit from designs that are tailored to their requirements.

Powerduct® is manufactured in the form of bus bar conductors enclosed with housing (extruded aluminum with housing fin). PPB’s busducts are round conductors enclosed with Epoxy and Mylar class B forms of insulation. Other classes of insulation category are also available.

Our busduct systems fulfil four different applications: single loads, multiple loads, riser, and service entrance. Each application is designed according to site specific requirements, and must all fulfill our objectives of providing our customers with a low-cost, flexible system that is easy to maintain but does not compromise on key safety features.


  • High flexibility and versatility
  • Superior electrical design: low impedance, higher short-circuit system and lower electromagnetic generation
  • Light weight for quicker and easier installation, saving time and labour costs
  • Improved safety
  • Low-cost maintenance
  • Reliable and dependable

Technical specifications
POWERDUCT Lighting Series

Standards compliance
IEC 61439-6

Voltage rating
≤1000V, 50/60Hz

Current rating
25A to 40A

Copper or Aluminum with tin plated contacts

Flameproof insulation

Extrusion Aluminum with high compressive resistance design

Ingress Protection Rating
Standard IP55

1. Car park
2. Hospital
3. Supermarket
4. Office
5. High tech Industrial
6. Data center